Kitlanya East & West Copper Projects

Targeting sediment hosted copper–silver deposits similar to those being developed by neighbours Sandfire and Cupric Canyon Capital

Kitlanya East includes tenements in close proximity to Cupric Canyon’s Banana Zone and Sandfire’s T3 and A4 copper deposits. Recent magnetic and AEM data interpretation by KML has identified a number of prospective anticlinal fold hinge targets. 


Initial drill testing commenced in Q1 2020 confirmed the presence of lower D’Kar stratigraphy before drilling was suspended due to COVID-19. Ongoing drilling identifies the correct prospective stratigraphy along with Pb-Zn mineralisation typically visible as a halo around KCB Cu deposits.


100%-owned Kitlanya West, located proximal to the Ngami tenements, includes three conductive dome targets considered analogous to Sandfire’s T3 and A4 deposits as identified in recent AEM surveys. Soil sampling by KML has displayed positive base metal responses in this location.

Cobre Botswana Projects
Kitlanya East Project Highlights

Several compelling target areas in proximity to and with similar setting to Sandfire’s T3 and A4 deposits.

Further soil sampling has been completed over both northern and southern targets along with AEM and high resolution magnetic surveys over the southern target – results are currently being processed and interpreted.

Kitlanya West Project Highlights

Three conductive dome targets identified in recent AEM survey.


This 3D view illustrates AEM conductivity depth sections with prospective conductive anticlinal structures interpreted to relate to prospective stratigraphy that is highlighted.