– Cobre begins “groundbreaking”, large-scale seismic survey in Kalahari Copperbelt – Cobre begins “groundbreaking”, large-scale seismic survey in Kalahari Copperbelt


Cobre Ltd (ASX:CBE) has kicked off a pioneering 2D reflection seismic survey with an overlapping passive seismic survey – known as ambient noise tomography or ANT – at the Kitlanya West Copper Project in the Kalahari Copperbelt, Botswana (KCB).

Large-scale groundwork

The program’s aim is to image potential large-scale fold trap-sites for Tier-1 copper deposits, identify structures facilitating copper mineralisation and complement recent airborne gravity gradient (AGG) surveys.

The company is confident that the combination of seismic methods with AGG, magnetic, bedrock and soil sampling results will offer an effective model for priority fold and structural trap-sites and provide high confidence for targeted diamond drilling across the KCB.

Location of planned active and passive seismic surveys on sub-basins, intra-basin highs and basin margins highlighted from AGG interpretation. The Tlou target is clearly defined in anomalous copper results from RC bedrock sampling.

The surveys will also provide diamond drill targets for the Tlou target, identified in the 2023 soil and reverse circulation drill campaign.

The initiative is supported by the BHP (ASX:BHP) Xplor program and represents a strong progress for Cobre’s KCB projects.

CEO Adam Wooldridge said: “This groundbreaking, innovative seismic survey in the KCB, traditionally a tool reserved for Majors, is a fantastic opportunity.”

The active 2D reflection-seismic lines will cover 62 kilometres on the northern KIT-W project, targeting the Tlou sub-basin.

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