Kitlanya East & Okavango Projects

Kitlanya East

Targeting sediment hosted copper–silver deposits in doubly-plunging fold trapsites above the traditional D’Kar/Ngwako Pan Formation contact similar to those being developed by neighbours Sandfire.

Kitlanya East is located immediately south of Sandfire Resources Motheo Production hub. The project is characterised by two drill tested large-scale anticlinal structures with preserved lower D’Kar Formation stratigraphy providing potential host rocks for analogues deposits to neighbouring T3. The two main anticlinal target areas identified in detailed magnetic data, “Endurance” and “Perseverance”, are supported by encouraging copper, lead and zinc soil anomalies, folded trap-site features modelled from AEM data. Drill tested lower D’Kar Formation stratigraphy with accompanying alteration and multi-generational veins add further support to the prospectivity of the targets.

Kitlanya East Timeline:



  • 8,778km airborne gravity gradient (AGG) survey planned over the NCP, KITW and Kitlanya East (KITE) Project.


  • Target diamond and RC drilling (3,345m and 1,701m) identifies correct stratigraphy,  encouraging alteration and trace mineralisation at Endurance.


  • 1,730m stratigraphic drilling intersects lower D’Kar Formation, promising alteration and trace mineralisation on structures.
  • AEM (1040km) and detailed magnetic survey (Perseverance) defines subtle folded trap-sites for drill testing.
  • Phase 3 soil sampling identifies zinc and lead anomalies at Perseverance.


  • Phase 2 soil sampling and AEM survey (527km) over Endurance identifies prominent copper anomalies and evidence of potential fold trap-sites.


  • Phase 1 soil sampling and AEM test survey (100km).

Historical Data:

  • High resolution magnetic coverage, TerraleachTM soil sample coverage (15,989 samples), diamond (1,020m) and percussion drilling.

Okavango Project

The Okavango Copper Project includes the strike extension of several prospective D’Kar/ Ngwako-Pan Formation contacts from Khoemacau’s Expansion Project (168 Mt @ 2.1% Cu and 27 g/t Ag). A combination of high-resolution magnetics and detailed AEM data has been drill proven to effectively map the prospective contact under cover.


Targeting traditional copper-silver mineralisation on the steeply dipping anticline limbs as well as fold related mineralisation.
Okavango Project Timeline:


  • Six holes totalling 1,656m of diamond drilling consistently intersects the prospective Ngwako Pan / D’Kar Formation contact


  • 2,369km of regional and detailed AEM data successfully maps conductive units in the lower D’Kar Formation providing a direct means for targeting the underlying contact.
  • 16,700km of high resolution magnetic data collected provides the necessary base layer to assist with target generation


  • 13,281 soil samples collected and analysis with Terraleach Partial digest

Drilling at the previously unexplored northern margin of the KCB