Ngami & Kitlanya West Copper Projects

Ngami Copper Project

Advanced exploration at the NCP targeting Copper-Silver mineralisation

Multi-Target Project Opportunity at NCP


The Ngami Copper Project (NCP) is currently undergoing advanced exploration targeting copper-silver mineralisation with several encouraging drill intersections from the Comet target as well as surrounding targets. The project area includes two large anticlinal features with over 100km of prospective Ngwako-Pan/D’Kar Formation contact for traditional limb-based mineralisation. Potential for mineralisation in folded trapsites is also evident. Consistent anomalous copper silver intersections on this project have highlighted the significant endowment of this portion of the Kalahari Copper Belt. Combined with Kitlanya West, this project area offers district scale opportunities on the northern margin of the Kalahari Copper Belt where Cobre hold the dominant license position.


Targeting traditional copper-silver mineralisation on the steeply dipping anticline limbs as well as fold related mineralisation.


Significant copper silver intersections include:

  • NCP20A: 12.2m @ 2.5% Cu and 24 g/t Ag including 1.7m @ 10.% Cu and 45 g/t Ag
  • NCP08: 10.7m @ 1.3% Cu and 18 g/t Ag
  • NCP25: 19m @ 0.52% Cu and 13 g/t Ag
Ngami Copper Project Timeline:


  • 5,000m drill programme designed to test multiple copper-silver targets in the area surrounding Comet as well as for further high-grade zones within Comet.
  • Ground gravity orientation survey over Comet as well as Ionic leach survey provide potential vectors for identifying high-grade portions of targets.


  • A total of 28 diamond holes were completed (7,750m) at NCP with the focus on the 4km strike length Comet Target.


  • Drill testing of folded AEM conductors included 5 unsuccessful after which the programme was adjusted and the mineralised contact was intersected in a fold hinge in the 6th hole based on magnetic data.
  • Regional and detailed AEM surveys completed.
  • High resolution magnetic survey completed.


  • 11,400 soil samples, and 11,693 kms of high-resolution magnetics and 2,046m of diamond drilling collected in 2014.

Kitlanya West

Extensive license package along the northern margin of the Kalahari Copper Belt offers district-scale opportunities.

Kitlanya West Copper Project


Kitlanya West straddles the northern margin of the KCB including an estimated 500km of prospective D’Kar / Ngwako Pan Formation contact with additional potential for fold-hinge and doubly-plunging fold trap-sites. Importantly Kgwebe Group volcaniclastics outcrop in the center of the project often considered an important marker for Kalahari Copper Belt deposits. Cover thickness varies from outcrop to approximately 50m under dune covered areas.


Target types include traditional contact mineralisation as well as mineralisation in fold closures and doubly-plunging structures similar to the T3/A4 deposits.
Kitlanya West timeline:


  • 10,000m aircore drilling programme along with 8,500 soil samples starting in March.
  • 8,778km airborne gravity gradient (AGG) survey planned over the NCP, KITW and Kitlanya East (KITE) Project.


  • 5,359 soil samples collected and analysed along with 3,500 historical samples highlighting several areas of interest for follow-up work.


  • 650m of diamond drilling targeted AEM anomalies demonstrated thin cover and presence of prospective lower D’Kar formation stratigraphy.
  • 9,970 km of detailed airborne magnetic and gravity data collected over the central portion of the project – gravity low anomalies identified in this survey possibly highlight original sub-basin architecture.


  • 3,500 samples collected on regional traverses across the property.
  • Regional 847 km heliborne AEM survey completed to map out cover thickness and provide structural information.


  • Large portion of the project area was flown with fixed-wing AEM by BHP in the late 1990s, very little work done on site.

Aircore Rig onsite to commence the 10,000m AC program over the Kitlanya West and Ngami Copper Projects in the KCB, Botswana


Cobre’s exploration team in the field performing soil sampling at Kitlanya West Project